Top Mickey Mouse Gifts For The Home

Mikey Mouse is such an icon, you can’t go wrong buying a Mickey Mouse-themed gift. Here’s our list of things that will make your kids squeal with delight.

#1 A Mickey Mouse Vacuum Cleaner

mickey vacuum 150x150 - Top Mickey Mouse Gifts For The Home

A Minnie and Mickey Mouse toy vacuum cleaner is the perfect gift for your little girl. They come in pretty pink and is a fun vacuum cleaner training set! It has a hand-held dust buster, a vacuum cleaner that looks almost like the real thing with bows, flashing lights and sound effects. For matching Mom and daughter presents check out this list with the best vacuum cleaners.



#2 Mickey Mouse Toaster

17481543 Alt01 150x150 - Top Mickey Mouse Gifts For The HomeAdd some color to your kitchen and enjoy toast with a difference. This a two slice Mickey Mouse toaster that leaves a Mickey icon imprint on your toast! The toaster is not just a toy but has a self-centering bread guide and browning controls you can adjust.




#3 Mickey Mouse Bathroom Accessories

Going to the toilet is boring for kids, after all, what kid wants to be caught sitting on a plain old toilet for adults? There’s nothing that will entice the kids to go to the potty than a fun Mickey Mouse toilet. You can buy matching toilet seats and covers, and there are small training toilet potties for toddlers too. Choose from a range, from cushioned and colorful to cute. Other Mickey Mouse bathroom accessories include shower curtains, toothbrush mugs and toothbrush holders.

#4 Mickey Mouse Bed Throw

Every child loves sleeping in a Mickey Mouse bed throw, so if you want to make your little ones squeal with joy, redecorate their bedrooms with a fun Mickey Mouse bed throw. They will sleep well and have pleasant dreams.

#5- Mickey Mouse Furniture

mickey bed 150x150 - Top Mickey Mouse Gifts For The Home

A Mickey bed is a really cool item kids love. You can buy a range of bedroom furniture that pays tribute to Mickey, including beds, toy boxes, tables, chairs and divans. What a great way to furnish your child’s bedroom! Check them out here.

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