Friday, February 18, 2011

It's a Small World - Nikki Yanofski

Last week here in Vancouver, we celebrated the one-year anniversary of the Winter Olympic Games that were held in our city last February. People flooded the streets of downtown Vancouver and relived the excitement and national pride that we experienced during the games.

It was during the games that sixteen year old Canadian singer NIKKI YANOFSKI found international fame as the singer of the Games' theme song, I Believe. Up until that time, Yanofski had already accomplished more than your average recording artist. She recorded a song for High School Musical 2, and her first full-length album, released in 2008 earned her two Juno Awards (think Canadian Grammy Awards) for New Artist of the Year and Vocal Jazz Album of the Year.

This past Tuesday, Disney released a new cover album, EVERYBODY WANTS TO BE A CAT: DISNEY JAZZ, VOLUME 1, which includes a version of It's a Small World by Yanofski, a fitting song for someone who saw the world come together in one city! This version of It's a Small World is an fun, upbeat big band number that will have you tapping your toes the whole way through!


Andy said...

Great. Can't wait see you posting the other songs of this album ;-)

Is it mostly Big-Band-/Swing-Style or are there other Jazz-Styles as well?

Kurtis Findlay said...

This is the only big band song on the album. The rest is all over the map with many different jazz styles!

Andy said...

Sounds great!

Zakian Sulhi said...

do yo have when you wish upon a star covered by N'sync?
i love that version!