Thursday, August 26, 2010

Busa - Lebo M and his South African Chorus

A year after the release of The Lion King, Disney released a "Music Inspired By" album. Usually I groan a these types of albums for not really having anything to do with the movie and simply being a cash grab. However, RHYTHM OF THE PRIDE LANDS has plenty to offer.

Included on the album are Hans Zimmer's He Lives In You, long before it was used in Lion King II and the Broadway Musical, and Elton John's Warthog Rhapsody, a song that was recorded for the film but cut before any animation was done.

A large portion of the CD is made up of extended versions of some of the African style songs Hans Zimmer wrote for the score along with his cohort LEBO M. The South African choir, led by South African Lebo M., sings the lyrics in the African language Zulu. To majority of world this language can not be understood, so the singers are used as another layer of instrumentation, giving off a very authentic African feel to the music.

Busa, which in English means "rule", can be heard when Simba returns to Pride Rock as well as at the end when he accepts his calling as King of Pride Rock. Lyrically the song is a song of worship to Simba that you can just imagine the animals singing at the end of the film. Here is a portion of the Zulu lyrics with English translation:
Busa le lizwe (Rule this land)
Busa le lizwe (Rule this land)
Busa lomhlaba wethu (Rule this land of ours)
Busa ngo xolo (Rule with peace)

Ubuse ngo thando (You must rule with love)
Ubuse ngo xolo (You must rule with peace)
Ubuse ngo thando (You must rule with love)
Busa Simba, busa Simba (Rule Simba, rule Simba)
A snippet of this version that I am posting today can be heard at the start of the credits, but I am sharing it with you today in its entirety. I hope you enjoy it!


Sir Donnerbold said...

I love Zimmer's score for this movie, and so I love Lebo M's "extended versions" of this wonderful themes. "Rhthym of the Pride Lands" is THE best "Inspired by" album I can think of.

just james said...

yeah, love this album, you can hear hints of it in the musical too.