Friday, August 28, 2009

Got No Strings - Michelle Shocked

I know that the posts on this site have become a bit rare (mostly due to a new baby being born!), but I am planning a comeback in the new year. So please hang in there for a few more months and you will get regular posts with even more covers of your favourite Disney tunes!

But in the meantime, please listen to this version of Pinocchio's I've Got No Strings as performed by the Texan singer-songwriter MICHELLE SHOCKED.

This is the title track to her 2005 album GOT NO STRINGS which was actually part of a three disc box set called THREESOME. The GOT NO STRINGS disc was completely made up of Disney cover songs, stretching from the most popular to the obscure.


BookPodder said...

Glad to see you back! Love this version (and the whole album, by the way).

Fongolia said...

Awesome! Otherwise I was going to have to end my indefinite hiatus on posting Disney covers. Have you been imprinting your little baby's mind with Disney lullabye covers?

JulyN said...

Whoa!!! Everytime I come near to Blue Grass I have this sense that I like it... hahaha This track made the trick once again... Great one... I'm looking the whole set (three albuns, right?) to download, because I know it will be hard to find the box here in Brasil to buy... But I'll give a shot on stores after hollidays. Great intrumentals and great voice... Loved!