Thursday, September 27, 2007

When You Wish Upon a Star - Ringo Starr with Herb Alpert

Here is the closing track to the 1988 compilation album STAY AWAKE, featuring vocals by the legendary Beatles drummer, RINGO STARR, and featuring a wonderful trumpet solo from the legendary HERB ALPERT.

This arrangement of When You Wish Upon a Star is really nice but I can't help but chuckle a bit when I hear Ringo singing. He has really made a good career for himself despite the fact that he was never the strongest drummer, songwriter or vocalist. But over the years, like all musicians, his time in the spotlight is coming to an end. He has a new album coming out in early 2008 but will anyone really notice? Probably only die hard fans and musicologists.

And Herb Alpert isn't nearly as popular as he was with the Tijuana Brass in the sixties and solo throughout the seventies. Now it seems all he is known for Little Spanish Flea. Sad really, because he is a great trumpet player.

But all in all, this pair of fading music stars made a good recording of When You Wish Upon a Star, a song which takes them back to the beginning of their careers when they were unknown and only starting to reach for the stars.


Anonymous said...

You are obviously not a drummer. If you were, you wouldn't be foolish enough to say deleterious things about Ringo's drumming. Why not tune in to what Max Weinberg of the E street band had to say about RIngo's drumming. He revolutionized tom tom fills. And if you've got a drummer friend, have her or him try playing marracas or tambourine with one hand and the rest of the set with the other. Ringo did it first and made it look easy.

Kurtis said...

I didn't mean that Ringo sucks. I just meant that he is not John Bonham or Phil Collins.